Let us return to Dawson’s Lagoon, where we will visit our favorite characters from the hit Columbia TriStar television show. “It’s the end of everything simple. And the beginning of everything else.” The characters of DC can be so mysterious, always confounding the viewer with their cyclical drama and wordy barbs. What I really value about this book series is how we are transported directly into the characters’ maze-like minds:

In this week’s all-new original tale, Tough Enough, Dawson and the creek gang are forced to endure outdoor bonding activities at Wilderness Camp. But that arbitrarily wrought premise is really beside the point- the point being Dawson’s ongoing need to validate himself as a cinephile by dropping movie titles incessantly. So here’s the movie roundup for Tough Enough:
Tough Enough movies
(left to right: Out Of Africa, Giant, Deliverance, Misery, The Postman Always Rings Twice, The Great Santini, Psycho, Body Heat, Revenge of the Nerds, Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, Where the Boys Are, Blair Witch Project).

A weird amount of emphasis is placed on the movie Deliverance, as the characters appear to be engaged in a contest to determine who can drop the most Deliverance references in one Wilderness Camp weekend:

Jen wins!
AND NOW it’s time for a contest of our own: the much-awaited Dawson’s Lagoon Micro Fan Fiction Contest. Readers, I invite you to send me your best sentence featuring Dawson, Joey, Jen and Pacey (and Jack? even though his only purpose is to make depressing asides about the breakfast of his institutionalized mother?) at wilderness camp. Feel free to include Melisha, the other Jack, and our friends from the world of K-Kemp. Let worlds collide, people!

Keep in mind, Dawson’s Creek was known for the improbable verbal dexterity of its characters (subtext, anyone?). So extra points for including words from the Don’t Scream Vocabulary List I have thoughtfully compiled.

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