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In today’s comic we rent a bunch of movies. Here are the five best movies to watch in a row.
In This Order:




1) Drumline



2) The Hole



3) The Ring.






4) Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home




5) All I Wanna Do (Also released as “The Hairy Bird”)





Accompany with the normal movie food (nachos, cookie dough, Diet Dr. Pepper). The order is very important. I like to begin and end with pieces from exceptional genres such as marching band and boarding school antics. Put the scary movie at the center of your lineup, with a strong lead-in like The Hole. Always follow horror with Star Trek. It’s a formula I guarantee.

Hey readers, what do you think are the best movies to watch in a row? Let me know in the comments section. Whoever has the best combo wins a prize!

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